Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time to say goodbye...

The semester long course of JDD/CMP has come to an end. Looking back I can honestly say that it has been a great course, one that I as a journalist could truly connect with. Even though the semester was filled with many late nights, exhaustion and communication difficulties, it was inspiring to be motivated not solely by marks or deadlines, but rather in providing quality media coverage for those who need their stories to be told, and in so doing benefiting and bringing hope to a community as a whole.

Riebeeck East does not receive much media coverage, if any at all. This is why it has been so rewarding as a 3rd year journalist student to be able to help the community of Riebeeck East by providing them with media coverage and ultimately trying to give back and help the community in whatever way we could.

We did this by creating and distributing wall newspapers, sound slides and video clips all showcasing the happenings and ways of life in Riebeeck East. The community responded with great enthusiasm to our work and were extremely helpful in providing us with information and eagerness to be part of the whole project. In so doing I believe the community gave back to us in so many ways by letting us into their lives. I know that I have become a better journalist for it and hope that this is the first of many public journalism experiences that I will have in my career as a journalist.

As the course came to an end we decided to help the community a little further by: creating colouring in books for the local Crèche; distributed how to guides to help the community help themselves; started a campaign to collect stationary and toys for the Crèche; and distributed DVD’s with the video and sound slides we as a group had worked on.

It is truly amazing how such a small and unknown town and community can impacted on our lives. I’m therefore grateful and thankful to have been part of the JDD/CMP course this year.

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